2013 Apple Festival – Sunday, Sept 29th

After cancelling the Apple Festival in 2012, due to a weather related crop failure, we are very excited to get it back on track in 2013 on Sunday, Sept 29th

Farmers are energized by the thought of NEXT YEAR. It keeps them going, planning, thinking, and acting to make this next year better.

The only […]


Nearing the end of this very dry summer, I have noticed that the tree frogs have loved being in our water barrels scattered throughout the orchard. In the photo below, there were 5 in this barrel, and so when I was filling the barrel, they hopped onto this pail that was slowly turning in […]

The People’s Choice Award for Apples 2012

I do not have many apples for sale this week, and so will NOT BE AT Moss St Market tomorrow, Sat Sept. 15th. I guess I get to sleep in then.

There are just not many early ripening apples ready this week, possibly because early ripening, often means also an early blossom and therefore a […]

We are going to CANCEL the 2012 Salt Spring Island Apple Festival due to weather related poor apple crops.

We are going to CANCEL the 2012 Salt Spring Island Apple Festival due to weather related poor apple crops.

This is not the type of news that is easy, but in canvassing the main growers of apples on SSI, it is apparent that the crop of apples this year is greatly reduced due not only […]

Puppy Love...

Three great iPhotos of new puppies, Minx and Farley, who are kept in the fenced area, near the house, until they stop chasing chickens. They are getting better!

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Minx and Farley

Minx and Farley

Minx and Farley


These small garter snakes love our greenhouse for the heat and the dryness. Often they mass together, touching each other and entwined amongst each other. In some of these photos, it take a while to figure out how many snakes there actually are in the photo. The diversity in colour patterns is so amazing. […]

Apple Cravings in June

Oh for a crunchy, juicy, tasty apple. MY KINGDOM for a great apple in June. The best keeping apples will only last here until about April, although controlled atmosphere apples from the Okanagan will last much longer.

So June and July are the most difficult time to get good apples, except if imported from the […]

Spring Update

Farley Minx Avery

It has been a busy spring, as we put up a new greenhouse, got 2 new puppies (the two on the left) and also got high speed internet, finally. It is very difficult managing the Salt Spring Apple Festival on dial up internet. But we survived.

I also grafted up about […]