Arvid Grotlin Chalmers (1947-2016)

Arvid Grotlin Chalmers, May 11, 1947-January 29, 2016

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Arvid Grotlin Chalmers was the second child born to parents James and Rita in Edinburgh, Scotland on May 11, 1947. In 1956 the family immigrated to Canada to start a new life just outside of Toronto. Arvid was an outgoing child, who had many friends, loved listening to music and enjoyed making people laugh. Unfortunately, just two years after the family immigrated to Canada, eleven year old Arvid was asked to go and get his father for dinner and found him hanging in the basement of the building they lived in. Following their father’s death Arvid and big brother Jim had to start bringing in an income and began working in the local butcher shop; Arvid also had a regular paper route.

Arvid worked many jobs as a young man including customs broker, taxi driver and swimming pool builder. In his twenties he studied business at Sheridan College where he met, and later married, Kerry Doole. In 1976 Arvid and Kerry welcomed daughter Kirsty and in 1978 they made the decision to sell their house, pack up their belongings and move out West to Salt Spring Island-a place they’d fallen in love with on a vacation with friends a few years before. In 1982 Arvid and Kerry welcomed a second daughter, Zoe; Arvid truly loved and was very proud of his two girls. In the early ‘90’s Arvid and Kerry divorced but worked hard at becoming friends and held each other in high regard. Arvid had no trouble attracting the attention of women and had several relationships after his marriage to Kerry ended.

Arvid got his Real Estate licence shortly after moving to Salt Spring and was well-suited to the job; he had a long and successful career. Over the years Arvid wore many hats and had many passions: he taught exercise class, was involved in local politics, danced tango and in recent years became interested in singing. Most notable, however, was Arvid’s life on the stage as an actor, comedian, auctioneer and emcee.

Mexico was one of Arvid’s favorite places on earth. He loved the people, reading and napping in his hammock, emceeing and playing music at open mic and of course drinking tequila. Visits to Mexico began as short family trips and ended up with Arvid spending five months of the year in Melaque, in a little house he built. This past January, after emceeing an open mic, Arvid went out to a bar near his home called Esquina Paraiso (Paradise Corner) and was asked by the young band on stage to accompany them on harmonica. According to friends he was on top of the world that night and he played his heart out; as he left the stage he collapsed and later died of a massive heart attack at the age of 68.

Arvid is survived by daughters Kirsty and Zoe, beloved grandchildren Kaya, Finn and Hector and ex-wife Kerry. Arvid’s older brother Jim died of cancer three months after Arvid passed; wherever they are now we know that they’re together and having a good laugh.