Disbursements of 2010 Apple Festival Proceeds.

Note:  Disbursements for 2010 generally occur from the time of the 2010 Apple Festival until the time of the next Apple Festival.  So Profits for 2010 are distributed during the following year.

1)  Creation of a dehydration facility on Salt Spring.

About $10,000 of dehydration equipment, including ten stainless steel dehydrators were purchased for use of anyone on SSI (for a very reasonable rent of $15 per week.)  They are available from Natureworks in Ganges.   The next project will be a juicing facility.


2)  Apples Helping Less Fortunate People in Other Countries.

a)  Seeds For Malawi – $500 towards the education of young women in Malawi, Africa.


3)  The Rex Welland Memorial Apple Festival Bursary.

a)   $800 – Sophia Lynn (GISS student -Travel Scholarship.)

b)   $500 – Kya Dalton (GISS student – Outdooor education).


4)  Thank A Salt Springer Awards  (This award consisting of 5 cheques of $100 is a way for all 5 of the Apple Festival Organizers to recognize 5 people on Salt Spring who make this island special.  It is a SMALL THANK YOU FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTION.)

a)  $100 – Share Carnegie –posthumous award

to help other people struggling with poverty.

b)  $100 – Tim O’Connor & John Dolman – for community work in many forms.

c)  $100 – Frank Neuman- all the technical work done to maintain and expand the Salt Spring archives.

d)  $100 –  Ellie Parks-for her work at community building.

e)  $100 – Don Gillespie – for doing so many great things in the south end.


5)  Support to Local Artists

a)  $200 – Cindy Jacobsen –for the continued work at the creation and maintenance of the  Apple Festival Channel on Youtube               youtube.com/SSIAppleFest

b) $1160 – Jim Page concert DVD- Seattle based folk singer, had a concert DVD made of his Salt Spring performance at All Saints by the Sea. Jimpage.net

c)  $500 – Victoria artist and caligrapher,  Adrienne Aikins, is creating a poster,

THE FAVOURITE APPLES OF SALT SPRING, featuring about 60 actual favourite apples of growers and apple eaters on Salt Spring Island.  It is due to be released before Apple Festival 2012.  It was decided that Adrienne should have the actual apples in her hand, when creating the poster, as it does give a much more accurate portrait of the apple.  The poster is going to the printer in June 2012.  This poster is due to be released in July 2012.