The People’s Choice Award for Apples 2012

I do not have many apples for sale this week, and so will NOT BE AT Moss St Market tomorrow, Sat Sept. 15th.  I guess I get to sleep in then.

There are just not many early ripening apples ready this week, possibly because early ripening, often means also an early blossom and therefore a much greater chance of it being cool when the early apples need to be pollinated.

So instead I get to be a tourist at our local Fall Fair, which is much loved by all locals and visitors alike.

Too bad you are not there on Sunday at 10:30 AM, as I will be running the People’s Choice Award for Apples.  This is actually searching for the
We get 80 randomly chosen people to taste all the submitted apples and then vote on their favourite top 3.  Each ballot allots points to the apples chosen, and we total the points for all submissions, with the highest total being the winner.
Because this is based on TASTE, this is the most meaningful competition in the FRUIT SECTION of the Fall Fair, because every other competition is BASED ON LOOKS.
There is a great video from the 2010 People’s Choice Award on the home page of my website:
It is a fun filled event.
Here is a photo of the trophy donated by our local health food store, Natureworks.
Apple Luscious Organic Orchard won this trophy last year with SUMMERLAND RED MAC.
Just so you understand my philosophy a little better, I will tell you that in the spring, I dug out that tree that won the trophy last year.  It was not a healthy tree and I am adamant that my trees must be healthy, since they will then produce healthy fruit.
I have grafted up many trees of SUMMERLAND RED MAC in our nursery and I will have it growing in the orchard next spring.  This was a long term decision and I believe that good farmers are making decision that are good in the long term.

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