We are going to CANCEL the 2012 Salt Spring Island Apple Festival due to weather related poor apple crops.

This is not the type of news that is easy, but in canvassing the main growers of apples on SSI, it is apparent that the crop of apples this year is greatly reduced due not only to that cold, wet, long spring (poor pollination), but also the invasion of tent caterpillars that completely stripped leaves off most apple trees in May and June.

Since we cannot provide the apple extravaganza that people have come to love and expect at our Apple Festival, we are forced CANCEL the 2012 Salt Spring Island Apple Festival.

We had 1500 HAPPY participants in 2011, who loved our apple diversity,  starting with the display of 302 varieties at Fulford Hall, then radiating out to the 16 farms that opened their gates that day.

These happy, apple crazed people make the day a success and we do not want to disappoint them.

To run a mediocre festival, would not do justice to the incredible apple bounty of Salt Spring Island and I believe it would be detrimental to our reputation.  It would be an insult to Salt Spring Island, which we lovingly call, APPLE HEAVEN.

For me, the main organizer, it is such a strange change of pace from Constantly Promoting the Apple Festival to thinking about having to get the word out to all NOT TO COME THIS YEAR.

One thing we can do however, to make you happy, is to show you over 1000 photographs from the incredible Apple Festival we enjoyed  in 2011 on this site

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