Welcome to the Salt Spring Island Apple Festival

The 18th Annual Salt Spring Island Apple Festival
Sunday, Oct 1st, 2017

“Go right to the Tree that Grows your FAVOURITE apple.”

A chance to visit Apple Heaven while still on earth!

Salt Spring Island, BC grows over 450 varieties of apples ORGANICALLY, with an apple history dating back to 1860.

Salt Spring Island is a small island (80 square miles) of 11,000 people in the Strait of Georgia between Victoria and Vancouver, BC, Canada.  We are accessed via BC Ferries routes to Fulford, Vesuvius and Long Harbour, and by float plane.

We do not release the Apple Festival map until 9 AM on Sunday Oct 1st.

Apple Festival is from 9 to 5 PM on that day.

Tickets are available at either of our 2 Ticket booth at :

  1. Fulford Hall or at
  2. The Ganges Tourist Information Centre.

Cost is $10 per adult, $5 per student and KIDS are FREE. 

Your best strategy, is to go directly to the closest ticket booth, buy your ticket and you will get a map. There will be about 20 farms on the tour this year so pick your favourite places to go AND THEN RAMBLE.

Every year we celebrate our apples at

The Salt Spring Island Apple Festival

Summary: The Salt Spring Island Apple Festival is an incredible little community event, attracting about 1500 apple lovers, celebrating the apples (and food) of Salt Spring Island and connecting you with the farms and farmers that produce this very special diversity of tasty, healthy food.  Attendees all become SALT SPRING ISLAND APPLE CONNOISSEURS!

Check out this great video from the 2016 Festival