2013 Apple Festival – Sunday, Sept 29th

After cancelling the Apple Festival in 2012, due to a weather related crop failure, we are very excited to get it back on track in 2013 on Sunday, Sept 29th

Farmers are energized by the thought of NEXT YEAR.  It keeps them going, planning, thinking, and acting to make this next year better.

The only problem with farming is that all our experiments take 1 year to activate.

Just to let you know the  strategy for setting the date:

  • The Salt Spring Fall Fair is 2 weeks after the Labour Day weekend.
  • The Apple Festival is 2 weeks after the Fall Fair, (this two week gap was designed to give the Pie Ladies a chance to rest up). In 2011, our incredible Pie Ladies baked 420 pies for the Fall Fair (assorted varieties) and then about 140 apple pies (labelled to show which apple varieties were used in each pie) for the Apple Festival.

If you haven’t checked out our new website, please stay and take a look around – you are in for a treat, as there are over 1000 photos just from 2011.  One of these days, we will post some photos from other years.

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